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American Governess - Director's Cut

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Scene 1:
The worst punishment you have ever had: Ms Irene Boss as "The American Governess" with her slave hardenough as "richard". The scene opens in the Compound's Victorian Boudoir with Ms Boss wearing the dreaded black cape with hood. The miscreant is bound on the bed in leather arm binders, leg binders and corset awaiting Her ministrations. He is going to be punished for his smoking habit, and he has been told on by a friend of his, and Ms Boss is going to whip the cigarette craving right out of him. The "friend" will also be punished for tattling. Ms Boss has noted that the bed has not been made properly. Ms Boss discovers a packet of cigarettes he has been hiding and then all hell breaks lose. Since there are 4 cigarettes left in the package the number 4 will feature prominently in his demise today. (Of course a few zeros will be added to the equation.) Hand spanking is the warm up and soon the convent strap and Arkansans prison straps are applied. Extreme bondage and Corporal Punishment!

Scene 2:
He signed his own slave warrant by returning to the Compound. Ms Boss as Harriet Marwood with at twist! Welcome to the clinic of the evil Dr Boss, where it is determined that the patient must go through the following to atone for his horrible smoking habit: Extreme medical bondage, inflatable rubber hood, electric corona stimulator, electric bi polar nipple clamps, and the big E (lavender soap) with a double inflatable nozzle. Ms Boss in a custom green rubber dress. While he takes his medicine, She runs her long sharp nails over his swollen balls. She disconnects the hose from the bag and places the tube end into a bucket, making him release his Big E while in bondage How humiliating! Ms Boss teases him in a mind fuck about "earning the right to have sex", but we know that is not going to happen. She rubs his tummy while he releases. There is no escape from Her and he will take the entire treatment. Verbal humiliation is a plentiful in this scene. He screams from the extreme electrical play and Ms Boss intensifies his bondage by lying on him and covering him with Her legs. Filmed in 2009. A zaftig Ms Boss. Big hot rubber mamma!

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