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The Punishment of slave zero - Director's Cut

Price: $ 39.95
Product type: DVD*

Today we are going to see a punishment in the sit sling, stretched nipples, stretched balls with an internal spikes sheath, strapping, caning and savage bullwhipping. Don't ever let this be you! The miscreant has been slacking off on dungeon duties and also makes horrible faces when he is played with. For this reason the Ladies have decided to objectify him by making him wear a hood. They cannot see his facial expressions and they do not care! Mistress Shane begins by interrogating him and kicking him in the balls while Ms Boss laughs. Ms Boss then joins in and kicks him on the butt. The Ladies inform him that they are going to cane, whip and stretch their rules into his slave brain. They punish his hands with their boot heels for poor driving (he always gets lost and goes the wrong way). They place him in the sling and his nipples and cock and ball area are placed in a predicament, and hand spank him as a warm up for the convent strap and Arkansas prison strap. He tries to cray mercy no avail. This is a consensual non consensual scene and safewords have no place here! Next is the bench where he is very sternly caned by Mistress Shane using Irene's Dragon implement (also fondly called the golden rod). Ms Boss ties his balls to the bench before taking her turn with a hard rattan cane. He is very sternly verbally chastized by Ms Boss while she savagely canes his rump. Mistress Shane takes another turn before the Bossy Bullwhipping of short nylon bullwhips.
30 minutes

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