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Irene Boss meets Madame Charlotte - Director's Cut

Price: $ 39.95
Product type: DVD*

Scene 1:
Ms Boss welcomes Madame Charlotte of Hanover Germany to the Pittsburgh Compound. Both Ladies greet each other while enjoying some boot worship of their leather and rubber heels and toes and he must also lick up spit! The slave is instructed on what is expected of him that day. He is placed in the German Segufux Bondage Restraint System on a padded table making for an extra tight fit! He cannot sit up. Madame Charlotte threatens him with the head restraint option as well. The Ladies begin with Eros Tek bipolar electric nipple play (aluminum), a copper cock and ball vice, and stainless steel ring for each ball. Ms Boss inserts a heavy stainless steel electric ass toy. They then employ the Nova Pro Mind Machine for hypnotic interrogation! Madame Charlotte deduces that he has slipped out of chastity and masturbated, and so Ms Boss punishes him by adjusting the electro, and on and on it goes - where it stops, no body knows. The truth will set you free!

Scene 2:
Bipolar electric nipple clamps are placed on the bound hooded slave, who is seated the the hydraulic birthing chair (an antique from 1942). Ms Boss places him in electric cock and ball rings. The Ladies enjoy various electrical boxes and have a shocking good time. A number or smooth glass eggs are inserted, and the chair is adjusted so he may "give birth".

Scene 3:
Many large ass toys are given a good home while the slave writhes in electricity and pleasure. Ms Boss tunes the slut hole with a special fork!

Scene 4:
Someone is "hanging out in the dungeon!" The slave is collared and his balls, cock and nipples are placed in a predicament and stretched. Now it's time for a good flogging, nipple and cock whipping!

Scene 5:
The Berkeley Horse in the Library for a hand spanking CP treatment, along with more of (you guessed it) predicament NT and CBT. The Ladies instigate a bizarre counting game with straps, tawses, and canes. He must get it right to 20 or they will start over again. He counts and thanks Madame Charlotte in German. What a great way to learn a language!

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