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Caned, Shocked, Milked and Quenched!

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Product type: DVD*

Filmed at the Top Secret Studio in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Ms Boss in vintage lingerie. "I will let you know that this place is soundproof, so you can make as much noise as you want. You can scream your head off and no one will hear you! In fact, if you do make noise I'm probably going to get very excited and give it to you even harder."

Strapped Down CBT:
He is placed in heavy bondage and prepared for the ministrations of Ms Boss. It's going to be a very hard punishment today - the harshest he has ever taken in his life. The nipples and cock begin to get hard. He is forced to kiss ass. It's time for a CBT ribbon predicament with long fingernails.

A nice leather paddling while in bondage. Mistress loves to dish it out.

He will feel everything Mistress does once more intensely once he is stuffed with an electric toy. The Mistress decides to analyze him about his CP desires.

Warm Up:
A very intense paddling with dialogue between slave and Mistress. Predicament CBT and Nipple Play through out.

Judicial Caning:
Ms Boss presents her dragon and coventy canes for his punishment and explains the merits of each. She verbally prepares him and then launches into the task at hand. Split screen for a better view. The well placed purple welts begin to form. There is a pause after each 50. Tears are encouraged and are cleansing! Ms Boss chooses to cane the upper things too - where the legs meet the bottom. The caning continues. Take it all! Verticle caning is also demonstrated. The coventry cane is brought out at the end for 6 of the best.

Violet Wand:
Ms Boss follows up the caning with a violet wand treatment to cauterize the wounds. We don't want anyone getting an infection. The cock and balls are also addressed, as well as the soles of the feet. She uses the blow torch attachment and he begs her to stop. Ms Boss sensuously rubs her legs against him and coos so he will take more discipline.

This sequence features upper back play. Ms Boss uses both arms and also dishes out a double flogging. Flogged and fucked!

On your back:
He is bound and placed in a metal chastity devise atop a padded bondage table while Ms Boss discusses his fate. He is going to have to take much more before he can earn a date with he Venus 2000.

Cock Shock:
She begins by using the machine on his nipples and then his balls. She holds him down with her strong muscular legs. The violet wand makes an extreme appearance.

Turn Over:
He is stretched on the rack, and Ms Boss switches up his ass toy. Ms Boss decides to drink an entire body to prepare him for the quenching.

Machine Milked:
Placed in the sling in a rubber hood, he begins his interaction with the Venus 2000 in combination with electricity. The machine always wins! Split screen scene - he is milked dry. He has several orgasms.

Ms Boss cuts a hole in her pantyhose for ease of access and gives him a good drink. The Venus is re adjusted for slow and sensual. Ms Boss dumps his cream all over his chest.

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