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Hooked on Electric CBT - Director's Cut

Price: $ 39.95
Product type: DVD*

A session from hell filmed at the Top Secret studio! Rubber Boss circles her victim footsucker, and explains what is going to occur. He is hooded in chain mail, bound in the sling, and fitted with a metal asshook combined with a C&B attachment. He has metal nipple rings in place, and she is planning some extreme violet wand play. Let's have an electric Sunday. (There haven't been enough thunderstorms in Pittsburgh recently.) Ms Boss decides to attach a series of kali's teeth bracelets to the miscreant's cock and goes to town with the wand. Ms Boss comments on how distracting it must be to have a penis and giggles constantly.

The blow torch attachment is used for detailwork. The nipples and thigh brand are not safe either. The rake attachment is demonstrated next. The poor cock is terrified and cannot get erect. Ms Boss stretches out the shaft and electrifies the balls.A parachute is attached and a penis sheath is applied for CBT predicament. A metal plate is used to conduct in conjunction with the wand. Leather paddling and hand spanking follow. Bottom blistering with bare hands. A vertical caning is in order. (6 of the best on each cheek twice.) Ms Boss seals the deal with the violet wand rake attachment. A chain link horizontal bullwhipping occurs. 2 throwstyles are demonstrated. (No broken skin until the very end.)

A reward of shoe and foot worship by the caged slave follows. Ms Boss's feet smell better than the finest French perfume! An unbelievable drenching scene in a collection gag funnel finish this bizarre spectacle. Extra sexy outfit on Ms Boss - black latex with a lace up the back skirt,hose, and peep toe/heel platform fetish shoes. A pair of steel heeled stiletto's are worn at the end. Va va voom!

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