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A day in the life of a Compound slave -- Director's Cut

Price: $ 39.95
Product type: DVD*

Scene 1:
Compound creature footsucker has arrived for slave duties at the Compound, but little is he aware that Ms Boss has devious plans up her sleeve! Besides his household chores he is made to serve as spittoon, toilet (Director's Cut DVD version coming soon), and ashtray. Ms Boss is stern in military apparel and wears a number of pairs of extremely high exotic stiletto shoes as well as flat military boots for accurate whipping. ATTENTION! The first 3 minutes of the film are actual slave duties, and then we are on to the *naughty activities*...Outdoor footplay with shoe dangling, foot kissing, and foot sniffing.

Scene 2:
Onwards and upwards to the 3rd floor of the Compound where Ms Boss needs to reduce some menstrual stress, and so decides that the slave is going to men-struate too! She begins by plugging in the Electric Stretching St Andrew's cross and touching him everywhere. Bolts of electricity fly out of her fingertips onto his sensitive skin. Ms Boss intensifies the bondage. The warm up of flogging begins and is followed by spanking and intense ball stretching by electrified bare hands. Now it's time for an intense whipping with a few soothing alcohol rubs.

Scene 3:
The miscreant is moved to the bondage chair for an intense flogging and upper back whipping! Ms Boss dons a pair of leather gloves to have a better grip on the whip, and does a little glove play on the slave's face.

Scene 4:
Compound slave duties continue with wooden pallets being moved down to the basement for continuous and ever growing DVD storage. The slave reminisces about several DVDs that he has been in and makes some comments about a few others.

This Director's Cut DVD version (coming soon) contains the following:
Scene 4 continued:
Ms Boss struts downstairs in high heels and decides to use her urinal.

Scene 5:
Later that evening, Ms Boss decides to try out the new vacuum bed with a twist - the slave must consume (while his cock is electrified) through his breathing tube while he is inside. Air or golden - what will he choose? Ms Boss in spandex catsuit, high boots, corset and Victorian veiled hat. Dark and Gothic!

50 minutes

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