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Stocking Stalker Earns a Punishment!

Price: $ 39.95
Product type: DVD

Ms Boss is chastising Her Orange County filming slave "gregulator" about his little problem. He has a stocking fetish and he regularly trashes Hers behind Her back by going through the drawer. This simply will not do! A punishment is in order. She teases him with Her sexy stocking covered legs and shoes while he is perched atop a corporal bench in the most uncomfortable manner - his butt is quite stretched out, and so he is going to feel every stroke most fully! She forces him to wear a spandex hood so She does not have to look at his face. Mistress Boss is much crueler when She does not observe facial expressions. He will get everything he deserves today. Shiny sparkly stockings, lingerie, jewelry and shoes. Oh my! He is threatened with forced cross dressing and "steel heel bondage high heel shoe wearing" if improvements are not made. She drapes a leg over him and begins the warmup. His penis is going to pay for his crimes as well. Cruel mind games ensue with the paddling. Paddling, caning and whipping with "nice soothing alcohol rubs" thrown in! 2 paddles and 3 whips are demonstrated.

She moves him to the mechanical tilting chair for a serious CBT treatment. The "root of all evil" (his penis) has gotten him into a serious jam! He is bondaged in leather straps for his treatment. His bits are ensconced in a clear acrylic CBT cock and ball vice. The red electric ball zapper (static wand) comes out for some serious application! He is also hooked up to a chiropractic tens unit with metal rings. Ms Boss then breaks out the neon wand as She is in a static kind of mood. His cock is stretched out in order for it to be more sensitive during tip torture. Many different wand attachments are demonstrated. This is excellent for erection prevention. He didn't obey, so his cock must pay. A vibrator is used at the end to get across the pre-dickament - but orgasm is denied!

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