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Brutal Boss Bullwhips Berlin!

Price: $ 39.95
Product type: DVD

Bad boys are caught gossiping, muttering and mumbling - "lounging around" in the dungeon area comparing notes at the Residenze Avalon instead of being respectfully nude in their slave potions. Wait - aren't these two both slaves of Ms Irene Boss? Well this simply will not do. "Revenge training" is in order! She planned this contest for them and they are not prepared. They must pay! The Rubber Boss retaliates by informing them that instead of this being just a whipping contest, it is also going to be a CANING and whipping contest. She "makes a deal" with them. If they take everything She dishes out they will both be able to explore their fetishes. If She is NOT satisfied, then the loser will not be allowed to see Her for an entire year. Now that is a punishment! An upside down spread eagle and suspended slave dave goes first with a warm up paddling as he is setting a very poor example for the new slave. First a leather paddle and then a convent strap. His skin begins to show a white powdery glow and now it's time for the whipping! She begins with the Tasmanian 20 plait Signal Whip (Wojcicki). smart ass slave dave remarks he is not yet sensitive, so She switches to Her heavy thuddy short 12 plait OWK whip and a reaction finally surfaces. Then it is time for two new 10 foot 16 plait snake whips, followed by two new 16 plait 6 foot bullwhips and then a 24 plait Murphy. She gets the balls at the end. Several different throw styles are demonstrated. slave frank watches from his cage and is then suspended with his hands over his head upright. Ms Boss is not happy about having to do this, as She had just bull whipped him on stage at Venus Fair a few days ago! He is berated about this. slave dave is caged to watch. slave frank does not receive a warm up, and is constantly reminded to stick out his dupa. Ms Boss begins with the signal, and progresses to a new 2 foot 12 plait nylon bullwhip followed by a 10 foot 12 plait heavy bullwhip. Men-struation ensues! She advises him to scream as no one can hear. The whippings are so severe that Ms Boss gives them both a reprieve from the cane. It was all just a mind fuck anyway. Until next time! They both kiss Her knee length rubber boots, and remove her sweaty socks and worship bare feet too (french pedicure). Both "chatty cathies" are incarcerated in a subterranean prison cell under the Residenze bunkers. A zaftig (heavier) and french manicured Ms Boss with long shiny auburn hair with lot's of T&A for fans of this. Big rubber Mama! Film made in 2007 and released from the vault in 2018 - 11 years later. She still packs a wallop today however at a wiry 125. The Residenze is amazing acoustically and the ambience is outstanding.

DISCLAIMER: Please be aware: the masochists in this film worked up to this activity over time and the event was 100 % negotiated and consensual. This film cannot be replicated "as a session" for many reasons. Do not ask.

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