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A Continuous Pain In The Ass!

Price: $ 39.95
Product type: DVD (111 minutes)

Delicious electro-static agony. Smirky smart ass has to pay! He is initially bound to the cross with rope and T zapped while hooded. Ms Boss is in latex, sexy shimmery pantyhose, and stockings (layered) and inflicts double flogging and clothespin application to eventually dressage whip the pegs off his ass! Next he is placed on the bondage table and saran wrapped. It's lunch time and She is having man meat today, feasting upon his nervousness. Plastic is fantastic however She has to layer things now. It's never one thing with Her. She has to make it extra special. A spandex hood is applied with very thick heavy rope. After the package is suitably wrapped She begins the evil CBT. He is rigged with electrical pads and an overlying condom so She can finish Her "art project". Since he is so helpless he is going to feel it more than he did before. Ms Boss demonstrates "proper use of condoms" which consists of anchoring electrical pads on penises, ball gags (and of course for dildo cleanliness). There is room for condoms in Her life after all. She warned him how it was gonna be with the electricity. She is a "more is more" kind of Lady and the cock will pay for the sins of the mouth. He is bound C&B with ball electricity in quite a pre-dickament! She begins to play with Her new tens wand. She breaks open the condom for "tip torture" and has a seat on his face for smothering. This is the love. The fucking you get is the fucking you get! She talks about pantyhose fetishes and cock tease. The combination of silky and electricity is driving him crazy. Vibration and electro torture together are explored. What happens when something wet gets next to something electrical? Find out! Director's Cut Version. As Ms Boss exclaims how She is going to "hydrate" for the end of the scene, the slave becomes even more excited and strains at his ropes! The Director's Cut version contains a scene that is Niagara Falls!

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