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He Didn't Obey - His Cock Must Pay!

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Product type: DVD*

Brand new content from MIB! Mr Grey has once against FAILED his performance review, and Ms Irene is the Boss of Corporate Interrogation, He was busted for sending out a company email to the other men that stated Ms Boss sounds like Ann Coulter. Most of the men who work for the company do not know that Ms Boss has a special playroom, and that she likes to use it! If you screw up, the only way to keep your job is to submit. He is made to wear a mask as Ms Boss does not wish to feel sorry for him by reacting to his facial expressions. He is going to be thoroughly objectified. The neon wand and cock zapper get brought out. The giant spider web rack he is attached to is metal, so he is certainly going to be feeling lots of love. Sexy shimmery leg, shoe and stocking tease. Ms Boss corseted in silk and lingerie. His C&B is tied to a T! Pay for the insubordination. Ms Boss spies on all the company emails. He is tied to the devise with silk scarves in preparation for the cock lesson with a long equestrienne dressage whip. She then decides a double bullwhipping on the balls is in order and she loads up with a shot loaded parachute corded implement in each hand. It is lunch time and Mr Greys's balls are the main course, you know. Next up is the Eros tech black box couples with electro static bands, on the random setting. Then she stalks her prey and he receives a double flogging. The action moves to the sling for some predicament CBT. Ms Boss is now wearing her spiked Loubiton heels. She ties and binds his C&B again in preparation for caning his backside. In a very dastardly manner she fashions an extreme CBT situation unlike anything he has ever experienced before. It's time for Ms Boss to create 50 shades of red on Mr Grey's behind with strapping and caning. "Aftercare" consists of a nice soothing alcohol rub followed by more electric CBT. She is very creative, sensual and strict. He is left in an electric bondage CBT predicament on the torment setting of the Eros tech box for 50 minutes. Ms Boss will be watching the clock!

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