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Irene Boss meets Mistress Miranda!

Price: $ 29.95
Product type: DVD*

The Bondage Mistress UK Mistress Miranda has finally come to the Compound for a visit, and Ms Boss shows Her hospitality American style with a proper tour of the entire building and even fashions a slave prisoner guide (a real slave owned by Ms Boss for many years) for them to toy with along the way! We begin with intake in the lobby with prisoner style steel shackling and chastity and take a wandering tour all through the facility - including parts of it previously unseen. Unusual and rare sessions are discussed (which most people do not know about) in various parts of the building. The Ladies eventually decide to play with their subject in the 3rd floor industrial dungeon. Extreme CBT with weights and cock stretching, Corporal on the Cross, Bipolar electric nipple play, flogging, paddling, mind fuck, back whipping, frontal body whipping, spiked vampire gloves, mummification bondage on the rack while stretched, and finally the corrective caning he was promised in the second floor dungeon. Prison canes and the nasty bastard (rubber coated cane) are used. He has a good therapeutic cry. A small reward of boot and heel worship. Every dungeon should have a naked tour guide!

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