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Total Invasion of the Man Ass

Price: $ 39.95
Product type: DVD*

CANNIBAL / MEDICAL / ASS fetishes! Filthy, slutty and fucking disgusting. Madame Nadine and Irene Boss are totally out of control in this custom video commissioned by a Northern European BDSM cannibal/medical enthusiast. POV style: The Ladies threaten to eat you after you have been fattened up, and in order to get you ready, you must first be cleansed and infused with WOMEN'S HOLY WATER, because it's a WOMAN'S WORLD. Sit like a girl and wee used woman's holy water, slave. A 2nd generation toilet! In a cage at the slave-cow ranch you will fattened for dining pleasure. It's time to go spelunking in the GIANT ASS MAN CAVE. Enemas and expulsion, examinations and various speculum with lights. Dirty horny descriptive talk. This is so nasty. I'm going to fuck you with a banana you whore. You will be basted, tasted, licked and stuffed with fruit smoothies before being roasted and consumed...not today, but TOMORROW. Watch them lick the mask and the blender too. Filmed by a young lesbian college student. Sweaty pantyhose wet with pussy juice and see thru latex mini dresses.

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