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Leather Dommes and rubber toy

Price: $ 29.95
Product type: DVD*

Scene 1:
Mistresss Servalan visits the Compound a second time, and She and Ms Boss decide to reunite over a new rubber doll. They begin by hoisting him up in the air, tantalizing him with their leather, and administering an upper back and butt whipping. Mistress Servalan unzips his package to reveal man meat, and Woman handles it! Next is a paddling while Ms Boss enjoys his front and makes him eat some of his own goo off of Her leather gloves. Rubber face and body slapping takes place too, along with hand spanking. Ms Boss decides to whip his cock and Mistress Servalan gags him with inflatable rubber device for his cock caning.

Scene 2:
Leather Ladies move their rubber boy to the rotating table for more BDSM fun! Leather glove fetish play with CBT is explored while he hangs sideways. He is turned upside down for boot worship and more cock whipping! The Ladies then decide to take him for a spin. He is woken up with leather implements and glove slapping.

Scene 3:
French maid on the Berkely Horse Punishment Stockade is punished for poor domestic service. A good hand spanking is in order!

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